Friday, February 17, 2012

KOC Throne room

Kabam has released the Throne Room in 233. So, I wanted to go through and explain this feature a bit to everyone. Much of this information is also discussed in the Throne Room FAQ on the Kabam Forums, but I also wanted to elaborate on some information and provide more practical advice. This feature has the potential to greatly change battle dynamics and other aspects of your game play.

Just a few examples of the types of benefits you may receive are:

• Defense
• 5% Troop Training Speed
• 10% Combat Speed
• 5% Reassign March Speed
• 5% Bonus vs. Barbarian Camps
• 5% Reinforcement March Speed
• -10% Load Debuff
• -20% Defense Debuff
• -2% Siege Combat Speed Debuff
• -2% Horsed Combat Speed Debuff
• -5% Infantry Life Debuff
• 5% Bonus vs. Wilds

As you can see, these can be very helpful, such as reducing your training times, increasing your attack points, etc…

Fear not, spending gems is NOT necessary for this feature. As with anything Kabam releases, gems make using the feature easier, but it is not required to get all the same benefits, at least at this point.

First, you can acquire Throne Room items from any attack, such as wilds, barbs, dark forests, and other player’s cities. I am finding tons in wilds of all levels, for instance, I found over 200 items by attacking a level 4 grassland for a few hours.

You find out in your battle report if you found an item. Then you can access your Throne Room in the tab next to your City, Field, Map tabs (where the Court tab used to be).

When you open your throne room, you can click on Inventory to see the items you have. On each item, it has effects listed on the card which tell you what that item does. This is important – the grayed out effects do not apply to that item. It seems that those are simply there to indicate what the card can do at a higher level, which you are not able to obtain at the moment (but may be available in future releases or from finding the same card with at a different level). The only effects that are active are those that are brown color.

Throne room items come in 6 quality levels: Simple, Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Wondrous (with simple being the most common and least useful, and wondrous being the rarest).

- Simple items have no purpose to you, other than vanity. Salvage these and take the free aetherstone they give you for salvaging a throne room items.
- Common items have 1 effect you receive.
- Uncommon have 2 effects.
- Rare have 3 effects.
- Epic have 4 effects.
- Wondrous have 5 effects.

To equip an item, you can click on it. Two options will come up, Equip or Salvage. At any time, you can have 1 item of each type equipped. From what I see at the moment, there are 5 types right now: Chairs, Banners, Windows, Tables, Advisors. There may be more coming or some I just have not found yet.

You are limited to having 60 throne room items in your inventory. So you must make decisions on items to keep and others to salvage. You are given 3 rows to have access to the items in. Also, you can only access the items that are not grayed out (are in the active rows). You can purchase more rows for gems. The next row cost 2 gems, then, if I remember the order correctly, the next was 6 gems, 9 gems, 11 gems, 15 gems, etc… So, if you want to be able to manipulate more items at once, you will need to spend gems, but again, this is not necessary (you can receive free gems by completing a few of the free gem offers). While you cannot move items around in your inventory, you can shift them by salvaging others, thereby moving other items into your active rows from which you can equip items.

For now, I recommend salvaging all Simple and Common items and focusing on Uncommon, Rare, and Wondrous. Of course, you can look at the effects of those and salvage some of those too. For instance, if you are set up to only produce ore, you obviously have no need for increasing your stone production.

Next, you also have the options for Presets. You can access these by hitting the Stats tab in the Throne Room. You are given 2 Presets to begin with and can obtain more for gems. These presets allow you to quickly shift between Throne Room strategies. For instance, you can have a Preset arranged for attacking and one for defending, or one for training troops or producing resources. There are many options you can choose of course. You can manipulate your presets by clicking on the Preset number you want, then going and equipping particular items for that Preset.

In addition, you will be able to see the throne room items that your opponents have equipped when you review scouting or attack reports. This has not yet been implemented, but will be soon. So, you will be able to formulate your attacks in anticipation of what they may have equipped (they can always change things around before your attack hits, though).

Lastly, some random things that I have noticed people asking about so far include:

What is a debuff? – that is intended to reduce your opponents values. These are always negative in number and help you by hurting your opponents. While, the positive effects help you directly.

Why are some effects grayed out? – as I mention above, those do not apply at your items current level. Only focus on the effects colored brown, for now. I will amend this guide at the feature changes.

Does higher level wilds/DFs/players increase the chance of a better drop? – This is currently being tested. It appears that higher level attacks increase the rate of dropping. But, I am not sure how it influences rarity of items. I tend to think that higher level will increase your likelihood of rare items, but have no data to support that claim at the moment.

Which items should I equip? – That really depends on what you are trying to do. If you are attacking, apply ones that benefit your attacking skills. When you are not attacking, have items applied that increase your defense, resource production, and troop training.

What does +0 on the item name mean? – That is the upgrade level. For now, everything is at +0, but in future releases, they will give us the opportunity to upgrade the item to increase the effects received

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